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What is a background check?

A background check will run a comprehensive criminal record check on the individual. Depending on what background check is being performed, the check may involve crimes committed in the current state (BCI) or crimes committed in any other state outside the current residing state (FBI).

How does it work?

The individual’s fingerprints are used for background checks. In the past, fingerprinting was normally done by applying ink to the fingers and rolling them onto a fingerprint sheet. Now, fingerprints are most often taken with a scanner, where the fingers are placed on the scanner and recorded into the database.

Are my fingerprints stored somewhere safe?

Yes. The fingerprints are sent to the respective organization electronically, where they will then cross-reference the fingerprints in criminal databases. The companies who ‘collect’ the fingerprints or the ones who complete the check, like FastCHEX, have no access to your fingerprints or criminal record.

How do my fingerprints get to my employer or other organization?

Once the fingerprints are sent to the FBI or BCI organization, they are then run through the respective databases. The results are then sent in the mail to the organization or company specified.

How long does it take for my employer or other organization to receive the results?

Times can vary but 30 days or less seems to be the standard, but it can also be up to 45 days. Usually if no crimes are found, the results can be received quite quickly. If a crime is found, the results then often take longer.

I’m an employer and don’t currently run background checks on my employees. Should I?

We definitely recommend employers run background checks at least at the state level on their new employees. This allows you to know exactly whom you are hiring as credentials and other things can be fabricated by an individual looking to take advantage of a business or owner. Background checks also ensure you have a safe work environment for your customers and other employees.

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