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Technology has come a long way in the last decade. The cellphone has grown to be a computer in the palm of one’s hand. Homes now feature smart tech making users’ lives easier by showing them the tasks at hand or even speaking aloud the tasks ahead for the day. Fingerprint technology also continues to advance as companies are starting to look to the future of biotechnology.

Fingerprints were once only a way to identify someone. Used to solve crimes. Used to keep records of criminals. Now, many companies use fingerprints to find out about an individual’s background. Fingerprints are always with you and provide an efficient way of learning more about an individual’s past. This will only continue to get more important as more and more companies start to progress their technology and businesses. The more in-depth a company is and the more they deal with personal data, the more important it is for them to know whom they have working for them. Technology is allowing businesses to further progress and get closer to individual’s data than ever before. This only means security measures must be more stringent and detailed and the hiring process must be much more detail oriented. Fingerprints allow for businesses to have as much information as they need to make a decision about a particular applicant and allow for much more customer security.

With advancing technology, fingerprints are also becoming a means of access. Imagine having the most secure and unique password in the world and applying it to the devices that contain critical and crucial information. This is what fingerprints provide. Fingerprints are unique to each person and can create an almost impenetrable fortress for storing information and documents. Biotechnology is a surging industry and one that will only continue to grow as companies and consumers alike, look to make devices more accessible and user friendly. Fingerprints could be the key to making sure smartphones and tablets as well as the information they contain stay completely safe in case of theft or loss.

Just in the past few years, many news stories have come up about privacy and data privacy. Businesses are evolving, but so are hackers and those who wish to steal personal information. Biometrics as a whole provide the ultimate security as they provide an almost un-hackable security measure by requiring something so unique to each user to access data.

What are your thoughts on the current state of technology and biotechnological advances?

Post Author: hmmiller